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Hey everyone. Apologies for the distinct abundance of time between my last post and this one. What can I say? I don't spend much time on my computer and when I do it is usually just to listen to music or watch some of the myriad of tv shows that I am trying to keep up with. At the moment I have been watching (in order of priority):

1) Battlestar Galactica (2003)
2) Lost
3) Nip Tuck
4) Desperate Housewives
5) Supernatural
6) Coupling (working my way through it again)

When I finish these I then need to crack into Heroes, House, Prison Break, Naruto and Death Note. Far far too much quality television and not nearly enough free time. That's not to mention all the movies that I currently need to watch as well. Man, life is hard.

So, now to talk about what I do with the bulk of my time as these tv shows are only a very small part of it and I am sure no one really cares about them anyway. I will do it in bullet point style again as that proved rather popular.

1) I got another new housemate. The one who had a acute fascination with plastic bags and the collection there of has now departed. The new housemate is called Danny and is from Essex. I can now add him to my collection... of housemates. I now have a whole 2. The other one, for those of you who can not remember (or maybe I didn't mention it) is called Don and is from Canada. They are both cool and we all get on well. We all have the same free days too (wednesday and thursday) which is cool. We have made a tradition of cooking pancakes on our free days - it is fantastic; pancakes and Futurama.

2) I have ordered a DS-X for my Nintendo DS. For those of you who are unaware what this is, it is a small cartidge for my DS which will allow me to listen to music on it and also "improve" it's gameplaying capabilities. It should arrive any day now - I am most excited. I recommend it for any DS owner. Google it and find out exactly what it can do for you.

3) Teaching is still going well enough. The novelty has worn off to an extent and the mundanity of the routine of going to work 5 days out of 7 is starting to annoy me. But to be fair, I would experience that with any job and need to put up with it till I retire. Bearing that in mind I then remember that my job is considerably more interesting and easier than most, so for that I am grateful. Not to mention that my job allows me to live in Japan, which is ofcourse awesome. I have got alot more kids lessons each week now too, which is not great as I have been given some crappy classes. Still, some of the kids are really good too, so I don't mind it so much.

3) Last night I went to see the new James Bond movie. I was most impressed. I thought Daniel Craig did a very good job of playing a very different style of Bond. It was also a nice way of showing how Bond became the way we know him. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I just need to wait for them to finally send Borat over here - I want. On a side not, before going to see Bond we got Coldstone ice creams. Coldstone is an American company and they make the most sensational ice cream. There will be a mandatory visit there for anyone who comes to visit me.

4) I have decided to treat you with a load of largely unconnected photos which are all long overdue. Enjoy.

- My friend Marie next to an inflatable Santa in Ginza (a famous area in Tokyo).

- Me next to the same inflatable Santa.

- A typical scene in Ginza; large, advertisement-covered, well-illuminated buildings.

- An unnecessarily graphic sign for the toilets at a cinema in Yokohama.

- My friend Yimin holding two large, cuddly, pudding-shaped chairs. What more can I say.

- The beautiful Nintendo Wii. I want one so bad. It is very very tempting to save up, buy a big tv and then get a Wii. Ofcourse if that happens then I will be forced to stay here for 5 years until the next generation of consoles. Although then the whole cycle would probably just start again. Damn you Region Coding!

- A very cool hat I found. I feel "F*CK OFF TEENAGE DESTORY" says everything a young man could possibly want to say. In the end I opted for an even better hat though, which I will post a picture of later. All I can say about it is "DO YOU KHOW MY HEAD?" - all will become clear later.

- My housemate Danny dressed as a monkey at Karoake. We were all smashed and went to Karaoke where we found costumes - so naturally we dressed up immediately. I was a Koala, Ade was Picachu, Anthony was a rabbit (I think), Sam was a happy hamster thing, Jay-Jay was a Tiger - there were other costumes too, but my memory of the night is hazy at best. Good times though.

- Lastly, my friend Keita with my other housemate Don. This was taken on a night out drinking which resulted in far too much straight vodka being drunk. Nasty.

5) The night before last we hosted a houseparty in our apartment which went really well. There was load music, much alcohol and even some break dancing. T'was most great. I suspect there will be many more houseparties in our apartment as it is unique in that, unlike all our friends, we have no neighbours (ie. we live in a stand-alone building with no adjoining apartments) - so we can have loud parties without any complaints from people. This is great as the last house party I went to ended in the police being called out due to noise complaints. We already have a christmas party planned for the flat. My friend Emma is going to come help us decorate the flat appropriately. I will be sure to get some pictures of it for you.

Anyway, I think that is all for now. Sorry that this has taken so long to post. I apologise as well to anyone that has emailed me that I have yet to reply to. I will endeavour to get back to all of you asap. Hope you're all doing well. Adios.

7 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    have you lost weight

  2. Blogger Vix 

    hmmm interesting that you look like a 12 year old boy sitting next to Father Christmas!! and yes Andrew...have you indeed lost weight?!

  3. Anonymous Ian 

    * You look like you're going to a wonderful fun-fair. Nice one.

    * When you get a new housem8 what do you do with the old ones? I'm in a similar situation but am running out of space under the floorboards.

    * Nintendo stuff generally doesn't have a region lock-down.

    * Keep it futile, yeah?

  4. Blogger Lightning Jack 

    i dunno - my friends here said they looked at some pictures of me from 4 months ago the other day and say that i have lost quite a bit, but i have no idea.

    the old housemates were cut into bits, put into bags and dumped in the trash.

    are you sure nintendo stuff doesn't usually have a region code? if that is the case then i will buy a Wii as soon as it is released.

  5. Anonymous Ed 

    The Wii is region encoded so I hear, DS and PSP handhelds are not tho. How I've understood it:

    consoles = region encoded
    handhelds = unlocked

    Can't tell if you've lost weight, honestly don't care, just contact either Rami or myself so we can sort Japan out if we are going, my boss needs to know the dates and if not I'm going to waste the money on hiring a hitman to take out Ian.

  6. Blogger Rami 

    The first thing I said when I saw the photos was thay you'd lost a load of weight, I suppose all the vixens are keeping you excercised!

    When are we seeing another entry in the old blog, I will need these in the build up to my visit!

    Hope you had a great holiday and new year, talk to you soon!

  7. Blogger Sakura 

    I know you from Japan!!
    It's Laura (Brian's friend) i worked in the same branch as you!!

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