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The Choice

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Ok, So I have been a bit lame recently as far as keeping you all up to date goes. For that I apologise. To be honest, it's just because I spend all my time either working, going out or a very small amount of it sleeping. Anyway, I thought I would give a very brief, bullet-point account of what I have been up to and then you can just choose which things you would like more details on.

1) Went for a night out in Ropongi in Tokyo and got totally smashed. Stayed up all night, then went to work from 1pm-9pm the next day and died.

2) Lost a room mate, but gained the largest room in the flat.

3) Been teaching for 3 weeks now and recently had my kids training. It was a nightmare.

4) Went to Kamakura and visited many temples and shrines. It was amazing, inspite of the unbearable heat and sweating. I have many pictures of this (143). Will probably make a slideshow of them all.

5) Have been meeting many new people who have all been really cool.

6) I have been trying many new and exciting types of food.

7) Been enjoying the fact that life has totally turned around from being utterly terrible to being totally amazing.

8) There's more stuff, but I can't remember it now and I don't have time to think about it as, surprise surprise, I am about to go for another exciting night out.

Anyway, if you want more info about any of these then just post a comment with the number of what you want to hear more about.

2 Responses to “The Choice”

  1. Anonymous Ian 

    Love the bullet points. Can't cope with an essay. Not with my condition.

    Glad to hear you've decided things are amazing.

  2. Anonymous Ian 

    Love the bullet points. Those essays were just too much, what with my condition and all.

    Glad to hear you've decided things are amazing.


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