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4) Kamakura

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I know no one has chosen this yet, but I have decided to post about it quickly anyway. Below is a slide show of pictures I have taken of all the temples etc at Kamakura. You will notice a picture of myself looking sullen in there somewhere (I am inside the backside of a giant Buddha at the time). The other 2 people who crop up are 2 of my friends - Dawn and Yimin. The last picture is of my new phone and in particular, the phone charm attached to it. They are so popular here - everyone has to have a phone charm by law, so it seemed rude not to get one. The picture is included because I bought my charm at the giant Buddha statue and it is supposed to bring good fortune. So my phone is now known as 'Fortune Phone'. Dawn said that now whenever I ask a beautiful woman for her number I am guaranteed to get it because of the power of Fortune Phone. I will have to put this to the test in the near future and perhaps chronicle the results in The Tales of Fortune Phone.

The pictures in the slideshow are on there in the order I took them and I have just included them all because I couldn't be bothered with any form of editing. If you can be bothered then you should wade through them as there are some cool pics.

NB. Five bonus points for anyone who spots the Zelda reference in the pictures.

2 Responses to “4) Kamakura”

  1. Anonymous Ian 

    the tri-force!!! A sensation.

  2. Anonymous Andy 

    Hehe good stuff :) - have yourself 5 points my friend.

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